More Than a Pretty Floor

The beauty of our flooring products goes far beyond the fantastic designs, our floors offer durable wear layer to maintain its beauty for years, a directionally stable core to help prevent warping and FloorScore certification to ensure indoor air quality.

What Makes This a Premium Floor?

Our premium plank flooring offers a unique Tri-Core™ construction which creates one of the most durable surfaces you can install on your floor.

Life Proof

Our Tri-Core™ construction will put an end to bowed and warped floors.
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Water Proof

You no longer have to panic over splashes and spills, our floor will shrug off water.
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Family Proof

From pets to children our flooring surface is tough enough to handle whatever your family can dish out.
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Advantages of Using SAR Floors

  • Virgin material provides superior dimensional stability.
  • High-quality raw materials for outstanding durability and consistency.
  • Stunningly superior color, clarity, and texture.
  • Floor-Score certification, assuring your indoor air quality.
  • Patent Pending
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