Redefining Flooring

Our mission is to deliver high-performance flooring offered in a wide variety of contemporary, stylistic designs that evoke nature. Our unique manufacturing process allows us to produce a cost effective premium flooring product without sacrificing beauty.
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Unique Flooring For Every Environment

Having our dealers involved at the beginning of the design process will allow them to take conceptional designs and produce custom flooring by mixing patterns, textures and embossing to create a look that fits the vision for your space.

Corporate/ Retail

Functionality matters in your workplace. To create your optimal office setting within one space often requires multiple flooring types. Our wide range of products options offers you both style and strength, allowing you to create a polished and productive atmosphere where your employees can excel.
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Whatever your niche in the hospitality industry, your goal is to deliver entertainment and enjoyment to your guests. Your venue is unique and requires its own design-style to boost your brand. Whether you own a swanky Chicago nightclub or a casual family eatery nestled in the suburbs, your space will be enriched by our resilient and stylish products, intensifying your customer experience.
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Whether you are a large-scale National multi-family company or locally owned and operated, SAR Floors has the inventory to accommodate you. With almost 4 million square feet of inventory right here in the USA, SAR has the LVT/ SPC products in stock to meet our customer's demands.
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Creating an atmosphere to stimulate minds is essential in any educational setting. From classrooms to libraries and everything in between, the correct flooring plays an important role in bringing an energetic vibe while aligning with your functional needs for each space. Our broad-spectrum line of products offers high-performance design and reliability that will hold up to the demands of your learning environment.
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The healthcare industry delivers a host of flooring challenges. Spaces such as your operating rooms and intensive-care units require resilient surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Your waiting rooms, on the other hand, need flooring that speaks comfort and calm, while still standing up to heavy traffic. Our products provide protection against bacteria and have gone through rigorous performance-testing to ensure durability, even as their beautiful finishes foster tranquility.
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