Riptide II Collection

XL Board w/ Waterproof Tri-Core™

  • Stunningly superior color, clarity and texture
  • UV cured wear layer with ArmourGuard Microbead Technology
  • High Density Tri-Core™ providing superior dent resistance and dimensional stability
  • Quiet Step Cushion for ultimate comfort under foot
  • Anti-microbial protection to inhibit bacterial growth
  • FloorScore Certified/Ortho-Phthalate free

Premium Construction

  1. ArmourGuard
  2. PVC Wear Layer
  3. Printed Film
  4. Tri-Core™
  5. QuietStep Cushion™


Current Designs

Shaka (#501)
Sample In cart
Hang Ten (#502)
Sample In cart
Dawn Patrol (#503)
Sample In cart
Carve (#504)
Sample In cart
Kahuna (#505)
Sample In cart
Wahine (#506)
Sample In cart
Hazel Barrel (#507)
Sample In cart
Windswell (#508)
Sample In cart
Grey Reef (#509)
Sample In cart
Pintail (#500)
Sample In cart
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