Soma Collection

Luxury Vinyl Plank

  • Stunningly superior color, clarity, and texture
  • UV cured wear layer with ArmourGuard Microbead Technology
  • High-quality raw materials for outstanding durability and consistency
  • FloorScore certification, assuring your indoor air quality
  • Anti-microbial protection to inhibit bacterial growth
  • 100% Virgin material provides superior dimensional stability vs recycled vinyl plank

Premium Construction

  1. ArmourGuard
  2. PVC Wear Layer
  3. Printed Film
  4. Core Layer
  5. Balance Sheet


Current Designs

Original Oak (#74)
Sample In cart
Weathered (#76)
Sample In cart
New Rustic (#77)
Sample In cart
Chalk (#90)
Sample In cart
Silt (#91)
Sample In cart
Sand (#92)
Sample In cart
Clay (#93)
Sample In cart
Soil (#94)
Sample In cart
Root (#95)
Sample In cart
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